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Universal support
  • Universal support
  • The main material of the waterscape universal support is PP polypropylene, which is widely used in waterscape fountains, still water surfaces and other places.

    Finished linear drainage ditch
  • Finished linear drainage ditch
  • HDPE linear drainage ditch is used in streets, residential squares, parking lots, parks, and green space landscapes.

    Rainwater collection module
  • Rainwater collection module
  • Rainwater collection module, a plastic tank as the storage unit of the water storage unit, equipped with internal cleaning facilities, convenient and fast; can be divided into different ...

    Stone floor support
  • Stone floor support
  • Widely used in stone floor support, dry spray, pool, fountain landscape, roof garden, square paving, etc.

    WPC Keel Support
  • WPC Keel Support
  • The wood plastic keel support is applied to the balcony garden on the roof to support the keel of overhead wood plastic floor and anticorrosive wood floor.

    Finished universal support
  • Finished universal support
  • The main material of the universal support is PP high-density polypropylene; Features: high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and environmental protection.

    HDPE plastic drainage channel
  • HDPE plastic drainage channel
  • Dry spray universal support can meet the load-bearing needs of people walking daily, suitable for dry spray, water feature, still water surface, spring, roof ...

    Gutter cover
  • Gutter cover
  • Drain cover is divided into four materials: HDPE, galvanized steel, stainless steel, ductile iron.

    Moon Bay Advantage

    The advantage

  • quality
  • Scientific design: universal support increase diameter 120mm, 160mm; wall thickness ...

  • Focus
  • Hangzhou Yuebanwan Industrial Co., Ltd. has only made one product for ten years: a universal supporter! ...

  • Export
  • 70% of the company is in the overseas market. "Yue Banwan" brand universal supporters are selling in Europe, ...

  • service
  • Hangzhou Yueban Bay adhering to the concept of "professional integrity and innovation", and proposed "see you in time ...


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