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聚丙烯,它是一种可回收利用的合成材料,具有强度高、密度低、抗腐蚀、耐热、耐老化、电气性能优良、不变形、安全无害、环保等特性。 The main material of "Yue Banwan" brand waterscape universal support is PP polypropylene, which is a recyclable synthetic material with high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, excellent electrical properties, Deformation, safety and environmental protection. 30 年以上。 It is widely used in water fountains, still waters, rooftop balcony gardens, square paving, and other fields. It supports overhead stone floors, wood-plastic anti-corrosion wood floor keels, grille floors, etc., which is fast to install, easy to maintain, strong under pressure, beautiful and beautiful. High accuracy and long service life of more than 30 years.

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Application scenario

Stone floor support

It is widely used in fountain landscape, roof balcony garden, square laying and other fields to support overhead stone floor. 19mm - 1600mm ;坡度调节: 0 - 5% Height adjustment range: 19mm-1600mm ; slope adjustment: 0-5% .


WPC Keel Support

It is widely used in the fields of roof balcony gardens, square corridors and other fields, supporting overhead wood-plastic flooring and anti-corrosive wood flooring . 23mm - 1600mm 坡度调节: 0 - 5% Height adjustment range: 23mm-1600mm ; slope adjustment: 0-5% .


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Product advantages


品质保障 Extreme load bearing quality assurance

密度低 抗腐蚀 耐老化 安全无害 不变形 High strength, low density, corrosion resistance, aging, safety, harmless, no deformation


What is the application significance of universal support?


The use of universal support has broken the disadvantages of traditional construction and replaced the concrete pouring scheme, which can effectively shorten the process and benefit the management of the embedded pipeline in the later stage.


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