Rainwater collection module

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Product introduction

The rainwater collection module is composed of a pool body, a pool inlet sand well, a pool outlet well, high and low vent caps, a pool inlet and outlet pipe, a pool overflow pipe, and a pool aeration system. PP模块水池或兼有储水和渗透双重功能的渗透水池。 The pool body frame is a rainwater collection module body made of polypropylene plastic injection molding. Combined with different geotextile covering materials, it can form a PP module pool with a single function or an infiltration pool with both functions of water storage and infiltration. 模块,以塑料模块为储水单元的储水池,配置内部清洗设施,水池采用拼装施工,方便、快捷 ;可拆分异地再建或塑料回收利用;有利于保护土地资源,有良好的经济效益和社会效益。 Rainwater collection module. The plastic tank is used as the storage unit of the water storage unit. It is equipped with internal cleaning facilities. The pool is assembled quickly and easily ; it can be relocated or rebuilt by plastic; it is beneficial to protect land resources and has good economic benefits. And social benefits.


Product advantages

1. Possess 95% of water storage porosity and compressive strength of over 30 tons.

2. Quick assembly without tools, greatly reducing the use of construction machinery and construction intensity.

3. Reduce excavation, transportation, and backfill by more than 30%.

4. Standard module design can be designed into various irregular shapes according to the project.

5. It is buried underground, which saves a lot of ground space, and can be installed under roads, squares, parking lots, and sports venues as needed.

6. Unlimited design of storage volume, fundamentally changing many problems such as settlement, cracking and leakage of conventional pools.

7, environmentally friendly products are made of 100% recyclable materials, safe and pollution-free, which is conducive to improving storage water quality.

8. Products protected by patents and copyrights.


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