Finished linear drainage ditch

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Product introduction

The finished linear drainage ditch system is mainly used to collect surface water and direct rainwater into the municipal drainage pipe network.

HDPE ,取代砌砖现浇混凝土沟体和树脂混凝土沟体等传统方式; The main material of the drainage ditch is HDPE , which replaces the traditional methods such as brick-laying cast-in-place concrete ditch and resin concrete ditch

HDPE, 镀锌钢、不锈钢、球墨铸铁四种材质。 Drain cover plates are divided into four materials : HDPE, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and ductile iron according to different operating environments and load requirements .

HDPE linear drainage ditch system has high strength, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, convenient installation, high cost performance, and environmental protection and recyclability. It is very popular in Europe, America and Australia.

Widely used in urban streets, community squares, parking lots, parks, ports and airports, green space landscapes, building platforms and other fields.



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