How parks design drains

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There are large and small parks around us for people to rest, play, exercise, various collective activities, etc. The park is part of the urban landscape and one of the main contents of urban construction, so the drainage system is also necessary for the park. Indispensable, linear drainage ditch is commonly used in parks. It is a popular park drainage ditch method. Now let's take a look at the relevant knowledge about how to design drainage ditch in the park.

The drainage system in the park is relatively hidden. Linear drainage ditch is often used. Linear drainage ditch is a very popular park drainage ditch. It is deeply loved by the majority of designers. The optional trench cover can also be added to some clever Tricks and designs line out artistic effects. The design of the linear finished drainage ditch in the park solves the premise of the drainage ditch function and perfects the greening of the park. The linear finished drainage ditch effectively protects the life of the ground and the building, and it perfectly integrates with the ancient building complex. U 形线性成品排水沟,这种材质的排水沟无渗透, U 型设计适合快速排水,无垃圾存留,沟体的重量比普通混凝土管道轻 75% 以上,抗老化免于养护,高强度同时抗化学物质腐蚀,这些特性均非常适合于公园使用。 The material of the drainage ditch is mostly U -shaped linear finished drainage ditch made of resin concrete. The drainage ditch of this material is non-permeating. The U -shaped design is suitable for rapid drainage and no garbage retention. The weight of the ditch is more than 75% lighter than that of ordinary concrete pipes . Anti-aging free from maintenance, high strength and chemical corrosion resistance, these characteristics are very suitable for park use. The area of the park is generally large and the design height difference is large. After the sedimentation, it flows into the water collection well and is pumped by a submersible pump. However, it should be noted that the drainage system in the park must use natural terrain to determine the drainage direction. Dig the drainage ditch according to the required slope. The drainage system of the park shall be provided with continuous, unobstructed and other emergency facilities to prevent the outflow of mud, sewage, waste water, etc. or block the drainage ditch. Another is the cover plate for the drainage ditch. The use of cement cover plate is not recommended here because the concrete cover plate Almost all of the common drain gutter cover materials have the most frequent quality problems. Many of the covers in the park have large gaps, so he can easily reach in with one foot. Is it more dangerous if he is a child? The cement at the seams of some of the cover plates has fallen off, which causes the seams to increase, further exacerbating this hidden danger. In open areas, such security risks cannot be underestimated. Then the choice of cover is particularly important. Because the environment used is different, the materials used will be different, the choice of cover is tailored to local conditions. Metal drainage cover is more common. Generally, if it is only used for urban drainage and for walking, nodular cast iron is generally used. Its carrying capacity is strong, and some large and medium-sized vehicles can communicate with each other. However, if chemical plants or areas where acid rain is frequent, if metal is used, it will cause chemical reactions, which will lead to tedious replacement and increase maintenance costs.

This is the relevant sharing on how to design the drainage ditch in the park. The understanding of this article hopes to help everyone better understand the linear drainage ditch.