Detailed performance characteristics of U-shaped finished linear drainage ditch

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U 型成品线性排水沟性能特点的详解知识吧。 For drainage ditches, we commonly have farm water, kitchens in restaurants, cutoff ditches, and low-lying areas near the houses leading to subgrades. Some of them seem simple and some need to be designed, such as the need to analyze its flow, water level, Engineering quantity, section size and other issues. Today, let Xiaobian take everyone to learn more about the performance characteristics of U -shaped linear drains.

1 排水沟一般布设在坡面截水沟的两端或较低一端,用以排除截水沟不能容纳的地表径流。 Principles of laying U -shaped linear drainage ditch: 1. Drainage ditches are generally arranged at the two ends or lower ends of the intercepting ditch on the slope surface to exclude surface runoff that the intercepting ditch cannot accommodate. The end of the gutter is connected to a reservoir or natural drainage channel. 排水沟在坡面上的比降,根据其排水去处(蓄水池或天然排水道)的位置而定,当排水出口的位置在坡脚时,排水沟大致与坡面等高线正交布设;当排水去处的位置在坡面时,排水沟可基本沿等高线或与等高线斜交布设。 2 The ratio of the drainage ditch on the slope is determined by the location of the drainage destination (reservoir or natural drainage channel). When the location of the drainage outlet is at the foot of the slope, the drainage ditch is approximately orthogonal to the contour of the slope Layout; when the location of drainage is on the slope, the drainage ditch can be basically arranged along the contour line or diagonally with the contour line. All layouts must be protected against rushing (paved with turf or stone). 梯田区两端的排水沟,一般与坡面等高线正交布设,大致与梯田两端的道路同向。 3 Drainage ditches at both ends of the terraced area are generally arranged orthogonal to the contour line of the slope surface, and are generally in the same direction as the roads at the ends of the terraced area. In general, soil drainage ditch should be set in sections. The longitudinal section of the drainage ditch can be consistent with the large section of the terraced area, with each field width as a horizontal section, and each field height as a drop, and anti-scouring measures (such as turf or stone lining) should be prepared at the drop. )

What are the characteristics of U -shaped finished linear drainage ditch? . 拦截性高:成品线性排水沟因为拥有线性设计结构,而且每个格栅之间的间距都是经过精心计算而设计的,所以既能保证水量大时能够迅速排涝又能确保在排水的过程中将各种随积水冲刷而来的树枝等异物杂质拦截在外,避免这些异物进入地下管道而导致管道的拥堵。 I. High interception: Because the finished linear drainage ditch has a linear design structure, and the spacing between each grille is carefully calculated, it can not only ensure rapid drainage when the water volume is large, but also ensure drainage. During the process, various foreign objects such as branches that are washed away by the accumulated water are intercepted to prevent these foreign objects from entering the underground pipeline and causing pipeline congestion. . 自洁性高:成品线性排水沟采用 U 型的截面设计,所以和传统的排水设施相比起来在排水能力上得到大幅的提高,同时拥有较高的自洁性,因为其内壁光滑各种污垢不容易粘附在其上,洁净程度高,在长期使用的过程中不易造成堵塞,能够节省大量的后期维护和清理成本。 2. High self-cleaning: The finished linear drainage ditch adopts a U -shaped cross-section design, so compared with traditional drainage facilities, the drainage capacity has been greatly improved, and at the same time, it has higher self-cleaning because its inner walls are smooth and various This kind of dirt is not easy to adhere to it, has a high degree of cleanliness, is not easy to cause blockage during long-term use, and can save a lot of maintenance and cleaning costs. . 便捷性高:成品线性排水沟使用的是树脂混凝土所以对环境没有污染,而且排水沟中自带有打胶槽,因此在密封性能上表现良好,在安装使用过程中不用再另外为其做密封防水处理。 3. Convenience: The finished linear drainage ditch is made of resin concrete, so it has no pollution to the environment, and the drainage ditch comes with a glue groove, so it has a good performance in sealing performance, and it is not necessary to use it separately during installation Do sealing and waterproof treatment. At the same time, the finished linear drainage ditch adopts a design method without bolt locks, which is more convenient for installation and disassembly, which can effectively shorten the construction period.

U 型成品线性排水沟的一些相关知识了,正是因为 U 型成品线性排水沟有了这些特点,具有好的品质,不仅有良好的排水效果,而且还具有美观性和卫生性,所以使得 U 型成品线性排水沟在我们的生活中很是常见,满足各个场所的各种需求,在市场上占有一席之地不是难事。 The above is some relevant information about the U -shaped finished linear drainage ditch that I want to take everyone to understand . It is precisely because the U -shaped finished linear drainage ditch has these characteristics, has good quality, not only has a good drainage effect, but also It is beautiful and hygienic, so making U -shaped linear drains is very common in our lives. It is not difficult to meet the various needs of various places and occupy a place in the market.