Tile positioning leveler can replace traditional sewing card?

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In the decoration industry, everyone should be familiar with the tile screed, which is a thing that the paving worker places between the tiles when paving the tiles. This is the tile positioning screed. Before that, the tile positioning was Traditional cross stitch cards, why do you need to use the tile leveler when the tile is commonly used? Then how are the two connected and different? Let ’s take a look together.

:在温度或湿度改变的过程,瓷砖及粘贴的水泥砂浆都会因为热胀冷缩而存在一定的伸缩。 Tiles have the problem of thermal expansion and contraction : in the process of temperature or humidity changes, both the ceramic tile and the cement mortar pasted will expand and contract due to thermal expansion and contraction. If no gap is left, it will cause the tiles to bulge or crack during later use, which will take time and trouble to rebuild, which will cause inconvenience to the family.

:现在的瓷砖都是机械化生产的,但在产品生产的过程中,也会存在一定的尺寸误差,如果不留缝隙的话,容易出现瓷砖粘贴时接缝不平整,影响瓷砖的美观。 There is an error in the size of the tiles: the current tiles are produced by mechanization, but there will also be certain dimensional errors in the production process of the product. If no gap is left, the seams will be uneven when the tiles are pasted, which will affect the appearance of the tiles .

:瓷砖铺贴是一个对施工工人要求熟练程度很高的一个环节,,无论工人的技术再怎么精湛,在铺贴的过程中不可能做到每片瓷砖都没有误差。 There is an error in the construction of the workers: Tile laying is a link that requires a high degree of proficiency for the construction workers. No matter how skilled the workers are, it is impossible to make every tile without errors during the laying process. In addition, there are differences in the effectiveness of tiles that are laid at different times and in different situations. If no seams are left, the straightness of the tile stitching gap cannot be guaranteed, which affects the consistency of tile laying.

:厨卫的墙砖留缝的大小一般来说应该在 1-1.5mm 左右不低于 1mm 可以以气钉或者是包装袋来做为参照物。 The size of the gap on the ground tile : Generally, the size of the wall tile of the kitchen and bathroom should be about 1-1.5mm and not less than 1mm. Air nails or packaging bags can be used as a reference. 5mm 等。 Special effects can also be said to widen the gap, such as 5mm . Wait for some antique bricks or external wall tiles, balcony strips to leave a wide seam.

:如玻化砖等,在铺贴时一般留缝在 1.5-2mm 左右。 Floor tile gap recommendations : such as vitrified tiles, etc., generally leave at about 1.5-2mm when paving . The gap between floor tiles is generally not too large, if it is too large, it is easy to accumulate dirt and affect cleaning.

:瓷砖留出缝隙之后,还需要进行勾缝。 Jointing processing time : After leaving gaps in the tiles, jointing is also required. 24 小时后,即瓷砖干固之后进行勾缝前需要将瓷砖的缝隙里面的灰土杂物给清理干净。 Generally , after the tile is applied for 24 hours, that is, after the tile is dry, the dirt and debris in the gap between the tiles need to be cleaned up.

Through this article, you should understand that the application of tile screeds in decoration is very common. In fact, each process has its own significance, but it cannot be said that it is all good. Many decoration details need to be taken seriously during the decoration process. There are a lot of craftsmanship that can't be handled and treated.