What are the functions of a linear drainage ditch

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Drainage ditches are very common and there are many types, but many people often don't know what a linear drainage ditch is and its functions. The following editors have organized these issues for your reference.


What is a linear drain


The linear drainage ditch is a modular system composed of multiple components. The combination of various types of die-cutting can meet the needs of various customers. Its unique design concept of testing also creates more creative development space for designers. , Become a more reliable product in the field of modern drainage ditch construction.


The material of the linear drainage ditch is resin concrete, which is a new type of building materials. Its components are taken from natural minerals, such as quartz sand, sandstone, granite, etc. as kidney material. Combined with synthetic resin, a resin concrete wire drainage ditch with good conductivity can be generated.


In modern drainage systems, linear drains can perform the following functions:


1. Able to cope with various rain weather


2. Can quickly reduce the area of water and quickly discharge sewage and waste


3.Can reduce wrestling and tire slip caused by wet and slippery ground


4. Can effectively protect the ground paving and the service life of the building


5. Protect the fixed assets of owners and customers from flooding


6. The clean and tidy ground of a building after rain can give the public a sneaky mood and reduce the uncomfortable feeling of traveling after rain.


The above is the knowledge of linear drainage ditch. I hope it can help everyone. I believe that through this article, everyone has a deeper understanding of linear drainage ditch.