The practice of dry spraying in fountain landscape pool —— "universal support" overhead stone floor

News | 2017.11.20 | Popularity: 8

There are pictures and the truth so that everyone can understand the construction process better. Let's look at a few successful cases:

The careful landscape person has estimated that it seems that there is a gap between the stones. Is the water coming out of the gap? You are correct! Look at a picture and you will understand!

Can you see? The stone is suspended by the "universal supporter". There is a 5-10mm water gap between the stone and the stone. The water is evenly circulated through the gap to achieve the effect of the still water surface. Water outlet, so large area of water can not ensure the water level and even flow, resulting in water in some places and no water. The picture below is the picture below the stone overhead, there is enough space to arrange pipes and lamps.

This picture may not be understood by everyone. Below is a "universal supporter". The top is a 500x1000mm stone, and then a small piece of stone is paved on this large stone. Stone has a common feature, that is, there is a gap for drainage. The gap in this picture is 5mm, and then various decorative shapes are performed.